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About The Charity

Changing the lives of young people forever

Our charity, Adventure Under Sail, was founded in 2008.

Our aims are to develop life skills for young people through the promotion of sail training, making it accessible to as many young people as possible, whilst maintaining a working Class A tall ship.

Our mission is to make more young people employable and responsible members of and contributors to society wherre they can contribute, relish challenge and excel. 

Our values are challenge, adventure, education, broadening horizons.

Making a difference

A recent report, 'Skills Outlook 2015: Youth, Skills and Employability',  examined the challenges faced by NEETs (Not in employment, education or training) across Europe. These include feeling demoralised, a lack of work experience, and young people leaving education without the right skills. Those leaving education are typically described as being 'book taught' but having no practical skills or workplace experience. Others struggle in the transition between school and work. The author concludes: "for young people in this situation, the risk is of entering “a vicious cycle” of deceasing skills capacity and reduced potential to successfully enter the labour market."* Many NEETs face isolation and low self-esteem due to their situation. Instead, we want them to be engaged, challenged and to realise their true potential.

We address these needs through training, support and encouragement, and we look forward to individuals leaving the ship at the end of the voyage with their heads held high, feeling motivated, worthy and driven.


Impact on young people

External training assessors have sailed with us and identified outcomes in the young people who come on board. Through our sailing training programme they witnessed the following outcomes and skills being acquired by young people and NEETs:

Training Assessors from the YMCA North Staffordshire


Living Skills

Personal Qualities


Time Management

Self Confidence

Delegation of tasks

Asking Questions

Encouraging and helping one another


Personal hygiene

Team work


Self discipline

Consideration for others

Focus on a task

Cleaning, catering and hospitality 


Sharing learned skills

Adapting to a new environment

Building friendships

Using initiative

Adapting to new people


Problem solving


Sharing facilities

Training Assessors from Young Gloucestershire


Listening to instructions

Taking the lead


Helping others

Building friendships

Taking initiative


Cleaning skills




TS Pelican is an award-winning sail training ship, providing adventure activity for young people of all abilities between the ages of 15-25 years. It includes instruction in all aspects of sailing but the benefits to the individual go far beyond this. Sail training uses the experience of being at sea principally as a means to help young people learn about themselves, discover hidden strengths, talents, and develop confidence as well as understanding the value of working as a team.

Opportunities for all ages

Whilst principally a sail training ship offering a platform for learning and self development is aimed at young people, the challenges of life on board a square rigger are also open to groups of all ages. For those over 25 years of age, the experience can be just as thrilling and fulfilling in terms of personal development and self learning as it is for a young person. Adults form an important part of our voyage crew, creating the link between generations that is fundamental to the project's success on youth voyages, allowing a 16-year-old student to be on watch with perhaps a captain of industry. For many young people, it is often the first social experience they have had with an adult that is not their parent/guardian or teacher.

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