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About The Charity

Changing the lives of young people forever

Our charity, Adventure Under Sail, was established in 2008 whose aims and objectives are:

  • To educate young people through the provision of sailing and sailing related activities
  • Training as to develop their physical, mental and social capabilities
  • Enabling them to grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and their conditions may be improved

Our values are challenge, adventure, education, broadening horizons.

Making a difference

Tall Ship Pelican is an award-winning sail training ship, providing adventure activity for young people of all abilities between the ages of 15-25 years. It includes instruction in all aspects of sailing but the benefits to the individual go far beyond this. Sail training uses the experience of being at sea principally as a means to help young people learn about themselves, discover hidden strengths, talents, and develop confidence as well as understanding the value of working as a team.

In Order to Support our Vital Work with Young People AUS offer the chance to sail to people of all Ages

Whilst principally a sail training ship offering a platform for learning and self development aimed at young people, the challenges of life on board a square rigger are also open to groups of all ages. For those over 25 years of age, the experience can be just as thrilling and fulfilling in terms of personal development and self learning as it is for a young person. Adults form an important part of our voyage crew, creating the link between generations that is fundamental to the project's success on youth voyages.

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