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28th February 2013

Noon position: 33        37.0N
               047       35.7W

Noon 27.02 to noon 28.02:        
Dist. run: 155.5 nm        
Ave. Speed: 6.76 kts

Voyage Crew Blog ­ Mizzen Watch

There are pros and cons to the 4-8 watch. Our day began at the delightful hour of 3:30am when Lauren of Main Watch came to wake us from a night of peaceful slumber. Such a rarity is this (trying to sleep in the middle of the Atlantic is often akin to trying to snooze on top of a tumble dryer after a few too many rums) that poor Lauren was left chastised by disembodied voices grumbling things at her from the depths of our duvets.

When we surfaced from below decks Main watch looked as happy as ever to see us ready to relieve them. After half an hour in the gentle Atlantic breeze (yes, the wind dies to less than 30kts!) we were all awake, helped along by a few face-fulls of cold sea water as we made our way to the poop deck.

By 5:30am we were reminded why 4-8 is surely the best watch as we sat and watched the sunrise over the bow. We spent the two daylight hours of our watch helping the Captain to tidy and clean the wheelhouse, before heading below to wake Fore watch and even bestow a much appreciated coffee on their Watch Leader.

After breakfast we had a 9am meeting followed by everyone’s favourite time ­ happy hour. Disney tunes and Bob Marley rang across the tannoy system as we cleaned the ship, briefly interrupted by Gangnam style before it was deemed too difficult aboard a moving ship!

The rest of the afternoon was spent snoozing and playing card games in the Mess until our afternoon watch.

Our 4-8pm watch was a thoroughly  pleasant one, punctuated by the “best rainbow ever” (which was outdone a few hours later), an excellent chicken curry, and a phantom sea bird which thankfully turned out not to be a hallucination.

The highlight of the day was about 6:30pm when Tamsin and Amy spent a romantic 15minutes on the fore-deck coiling lines in the fading light of another beautiful Atlantic sunset.

Mizzen Watch ­ Tamsin, Amy, Ben, Michael, Rita.

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