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1st March St David's Day
Position:  36 01N 045 22W
Wind:  SW 20kn, gusting 25.  medium swell

Watch Keeping and Higher Mathematics

The problem is how to divide duties on a watch of 4 hrs between 5 people, in 1/2hr slots.  There are restrictions:  you need 3 people up; 1 on the helm;1 lookout and 1  standby.  This leaves 2 people in comfort below.  The first 1/2hr the watch leader has to be up:  the last 1/2hr everyone; everyone has to helm at least once, but not more than twice; no-one can do 2 duties in a row; 1 member has restricted vision and needs the watch leader with him while helming; the watch leader's time below is only 2 1/2hr slots.  While we have a solution, we welcome others so please send your calculations to the Big Wave, Atlantic Ocean.  (Does this remind you of problems of filling/emptying baths?

Our watch day started with wearing the ship onto the starboard tack because of a wind shift in the night.  This involves handing the course and spanker (sails) turning the yards and then resetting the sails.  We also set the main gaff. That was just for starters.

Our afternoon watch also involved sail handling: we handed the topgallant, which was a slightly less complicated process than in the morning but more alarming as 4 crew were up aloft.

The barometer is falling quickly, and the pursuing gale way well be catching us up...

820 miles to go!

Toby is learning morse:
- --- -... -.--/.. .../.-.. . .- .-.- -. .. -. .. -. --./-- --- .-. ...
-/-.-- --- -.. ./

Main watch:  Arwen, David, David, Lauren, Toby

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