Eating on land in 3 easy steps:
1.        Serve yourself
2.        Sit down
3.        Eat

Eating at sea in 3 easy steps and 7 rather hard ones:
1.        Try to decide if the day’s conditions are suitable for eating from a plate, or if you need a bowl. Or a mug.
2.        Serve yourself from the battened down pans in the galley
3.        Hold plate or bowl in one hand and at an appropriate angle to the ship
4.        Proceed to your seat, using your free hand to hang on and/or brace yourself
5.        Sit down
6.        Attempt to gracefully lift your plate or bowl and take it along with you as the next roll of the ship slides you to the lowest available seat (or the lap of the person occupying it). Style points for making it look like you meant for this to happen.
7.        Build up a wedge of cutlery under your plate to keep it level to the horizon rather than the ship
8.        Give up and just use one hand to hold the food and operate cutlery with the other
9.        Debate with your fellow diners the merits of applying rubber anti-slip material to the seat of your trousers, vs. putting gelatine in all the lemonade, milk and other liquids to reduce spills, vs. using sippy cups.
10.        Realise that all three seem like perfectly reasonable ideas and share a grin.

We’re 5 days in to the Bermuda-Azores leg of our home journey and as may be concluded from the above, it has been rock and roll aboard tall ship Pelican. At the same time we have been flying along, covering 350 NM in the past 48 hours, which makes it all worth it. While the air temperature is still 15C the wind chill makes it colder, and the Caribbean seems like months ago. We are definitely in the woolly hat, thick socks and thermal layers of the voyage now.

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