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What should I wear?

A full kit list will be provided when you confirm your booking but please bring with you a sleeping bag, pillow case, sun cream, towel, at least two warm jumpers, T-shirts, trousers or leggings (not jeans) a woolly hat and shore clothes.

The ship has a supply of wet weather gear but we recommend that you bring your own if you have them for your own personal comfort. Good quality flat-heeled shoes are essential and walking boots are ideal. We also recommend that you pack a number of layers as it can get cold on evening and night watches.

These should be packed in a 'squashy' or 'holdall' type bag as suitcases are not allowed on board.

How do I get to the ship?

You will be given details of where the ship is located as part of your joining information. This will include a contact number for the ship should you have trouble finding us. Your voyage fee does not include costs for travel but we can recommend travel companies which can organise your flights for foreign joining ports. Please note the ship joining times. These are important and you should aim to be onboard the ship promptly.

On youth voyages we will recommend a flight which you can book. The recommended flight will have a representative of Adventure Under Sail at the airport for departure and arrival to meet the plane.

Can I smoke on board?

Smoking is only permitted on the Well Deck.

Are there any age restrictions?

The upper age limit is 80, but please consult our office for advice on what consent forms and medical forms you will need to complete.

Minimum age to sail unaccompanied is 16 (15 for Tall Ships Races).

On day sails, children 12-15 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.

What about the weather?

The weather will not normally be cause for cancellation of a voyage. However, it will determine where the ship will go on the voyage. Planned destinations are all subject to weather conditions. The Captain - who has ultimate responsibility for the safety of the ship and crew - will determine the best places to visit, taking into account the weather.

In the unlikely event that the voyage is postponed, a further date will be offered to you.

What else do I/we need to know?

Good quality food and beverages whilst on board are included in your voyage fee. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks (for those over 18)  from the bar and goodies from the ship’s tuck shop are chargeable. Souvenir clothing and other items are available for purchase on board both during and after the voyage or you could look the part and buy before you join.


We do not issue a ticket for your voyage.  Your booking details are recorded on the vessel and wilbe checked when you board.  Joining instructions will be sent approximately four weeks before your voyage. Please bring these documents with you as well as your passport and any visas which may be required.

I am worried about sea sickness

Anyone can be prone to sea sickness (including the crew!) so please don’t worry about it. The Permanent Crew on board is used to looking after people who suffer. Sea sickness will usually pass after 24 hours, by then you will be used to the motion. The secret is to take sea sickness medication 24 hours before you depart, keep yourself busy during the periods you feel sick and if you can, don’t give in to it and remember it will soon pass.

It normally takes people 24 hours to find their sea legs. We recommend that if you are on any other medication that you check with your GP before taking sea sickness medication.

What is a Watch System?

When you join the ship you will be required to report to the officer in charge and you will sign the ship's papers as a member of the ship’s crew. You will then be allocated your bunk and assigned to a watch. A watch is a nautical word for team.

There are usually three or four watches on board the ship and you will remain a member of the watch for the duration of your voyage. During the daily routine your watch will either be on duty, resting and sleeping, eating or doing domestic duties.

The bond between watch members is often the highlight of a voyage on TS Pelican.

Will I get any rest?

When you are not on watch (on duty) you will be allowed free time. It’s that chance to read that book you have always wanted, sit on the bow watching dolphins or relax. 

A member of crew is always on standby on a sailing ship should they be needed to assist with handling the sails.

If you play a musical instrument that can be easily carried, consider bringing it along. A night under the stars playing your music with the crew of the ship is part of nostalgia of sailing a tall ship.

Can I bring my iPod and other personal equipment?

We cannot guarantee the safety of personal equipment such as iPods, laptops and mobile phones. Whilst we actively discourage the use of them on board ship, we understand why people feel they need them. The Captain will brief you on the appropriate times to be using mobile phones, playing personal music and the appropriate social behaviour towards fellow crew members.

All items of personal equipment are carried at your own risk.

How long do I have in port?

Shore-leave is granted by the Captain for all crew in each port. We always aim to arrive at a port in early evening and depart the following evening, allowing you plenty of time to explore the local area. However, you are requested not to leave the ship until permission is granted and to be back on the ship at the allotted time or for any watch duty you may have.

What on earth am I doing here?!

This is the question that we will guarantee you will ask yourself at some stage and you probably won’t be alone. You will always be encouraged to ask questions and to use the support of our experienced Permanent Crew. They asked the question once - and made it their career!

I am worried about travelling alone

The majority of our voyage crew will join the ship independently but leave the ship with friends that often last a lifetime, such is the way of tall ship life. We believe that TS Pelican has a unique atmosphere on board and we have the reputation of being one of the friendliest tall ships on the water.

You will be made welcome from the moment you step on board. How much time you spend with your new group of friends or  alone is up to you!

Do I need Travel Insurance?

Yes. ­ You should seek cover for thr the risk of participating as an active  member of a Tall Ship's crew.  Whilst we can provide information about insurance cover, we have no affiliation to any insurance company and do not endorse any particular product.

I am doing my Duke of Edinburgh Award. Does a voyage on TS Pelican count?

A voyage on board TS Pelican can count as your residential element in the Gold Award or Queen’s Scout Award. It can also be used as your organised activity. Please bring along your DofE or Scout log book and the Captain will sign this off for you at the end of the voyage.

Can I gain any qualifications on board?

A voyage on TS Pelican can count towards sea time and sea miles for both RYA and MCA qualifications. Log books can be signed by the captain for crew that have them.

RYA competent crew courses can be conducted on voyages of five days or more. TS Pelican is a registered Theory Course teaching establishment and can offer RYA Basic Navigation Courses on five-day trips as well as Day Skipper and Yachtmaster/Coastal Theory on our longer voyages of more than a month on board. These courses are charged separately and require a high level of commitment.  Full details of the RYA courses available during a particular voyage will be advised on board.

For those who wishto pursue a career at sea, on sail training vessels or Super Yachts, crew are encouraged to complete the Pelican Work Book which can lead to MCA Yacht Deck Rating certification.  Only available on longer voyages.

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