Experience Gap Year opportunities of a lifetime

Thanks to more interest than ever before, we are planning the best Transatlantic Gap Year voyage yet for 2015…

Where? ­ leaving Weymouth, UK, and going to St Lucia, Caribbean, via European ports.

When? 30th September - 5th December 2015
How much? £5,250 per person.
66 nights, including community project work in the Caribbean.

or: gap year opportunities in the caribbean

- Leg One: Weymouth to Las Palmas
30th September to 22nd October 2015
£1950 per person

-  Leg Two: Las Palmas to St Lucia
25th October to 19th November 2014
£2320 per person

- Leg Three: Marine conservation work in Soufriere,
St Lucia
21st November to 5th December 2015
£1280 per person

All of our voyages offer both challenge and adventure, but the Transatlantic Voyage is the ultimate sailing experience, and a fantastic gap year adventure.  

Splash deck

Join the TS Pelican in Weymouth, UK, and you will be welcomed on board your home for the next 66 nights by our warm and enthusiastic crew. You will be introduced to your new crew mates ­ people who will no doubt become friends that will last a life time ­ and together you will be shown around the ship and taught basic safety instructions. The next morning the sails will be set and Pelican will head out of Weymouth, waved off by the crowds who will undoubtedly gather on the quayside to see her go.


Over the next few weeks you will sail South, past France, to the Iberian Peninsula. Here there will be opportunities to go ashore as the ship takes on stores ready for her Transatlantic crossing.


Photo courtesy of P. Rowan 2013

It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to cross the Atlantic under sail, during which time you will be away from land for the majority of the time. Our crew have previously reported seeing various varieties of whale, dolphins, turtles, flying fish and sea birds during this passage, and at night time ­ with no light pollution interference ­ the sky is alive with stars. It is a truly magical experience. 


Arriving in the Caribbean by sea, as the original explorers did, you will instantly be immersed in the culture of the cities, towns and countries you visit.  Whilst there, you could find yourself climbing volcanoes, snorkelling on coral reefs amongst turtles and tropical fish, or exploring the local ports and experiencing their colourful and exciting lifestyle.

Fundraising for the voyage is an important part of the experience and fundraising information packs are available upon request. Grants may be available on application.


Gap Year Opportunities: Project Work

Once in the Caribbean, you will be given the opportunity to work with charitable projects for a period of approximately 2 weeks. These projects are incredibly rewarding and a great use of your time. The Caribbean people are some of the most warm and welcoming in the world, and you are sure to take away with you wonderful memories and friends for life.

In 2015/16 we will be taking you to conversation projects in the Caribbean which may include marine conservation work at the Soufriere Marine Management Area. This is a region which includes the stunning Pitons (below) and also Marigot Bay, the setting for the filming of Doctor Dolittle.

You will be staying on board the ship during this project work with full board.

But it won't be all work! In the afternoons you will have free time for diving, snorkelling, and explorating the beautiful island of St Lucia!

Pitons, St Lucia (courtesy of Stuart Claggett)



Gap Year Opportunities: Enhancing your future

Thorough instruction in sailing, navigation and seamanship will be given on board by the crew. You will be involved in all aspects of sailing the ship, working as a team.

You can enhance your future prospects with a gap year experience which will not only look great on a CV or college/university application, but will also help you develop as a more capable, confident person and teach you transferable skills that will increase your employability.

Completing a voyage on the TS Pelican can count towards the residential element of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.





GAP year, career break, or adventurous retirement

The Transatlantic and Caribbean voyages feature a great mix of people of all ages and from all walks of life - many with amazing stories.

85 days on a sailing ship is not a voyage to take lightly. You need to be confident, reasonably fit, and have no serious health problems likely to be aggravated by being at sea. However, as with all of Pelican's voyages, no previous sailing experience is necessary, and our qualified permanent crew will be on hand to guide and supervise you.

It's a healthy, active life out in the open doing straight-forward physical work, and often people find it hard to leave the ship at the end of the voyage.



Travel with a low Carbon Footprint

Sailing between continents is not fast, but you will gain a humility and respect for the sea ­and appreciate the true scale of the world that you have been exploring.

As well as sailing having no carbon footprint, Pelican is a self-sufficient ship. We adhere to all MARPOL directives to reduce pollution at sea. Pelican also prides herself on using engines as little as possible ­ though when we do, the fuel used is ultra-low sulphur. Her state of the art STP system means she discharges no polluted waste into the sea - allowing the ship to enter areas of special sensitivity.  She also has desalinisation system which I used to turn sea water into pure, drinkable water. 







Under sail

Sailing before the mast

Crossing an ocean on a tall ship is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you should seize it with both hands. It is possible to live life comfortably on board and, if you choose to do so, you will realise your true strengths and discover what you can achieve by working as part of a team.

Experience the truly humbling effect of being alone in a wide vast ocean. The sailors who followed the trade winds in square riggers were a special breed, and after a your voyage on TS Pelican you will earn yourself a place in a unique ‘club’, and make friendships which will bond you for a lifetime.

Do I need sailing experience?

You do not need any sailing experience to go on a Pelican voyage as you will be trained and well looked after by our crew. However, these are the most challenging voyages we offer and are not to be taken lightly. We want you to enjoy it, so if you have never spent longer than a few hours on a boat or ferry then please speak to us for realistic advice.

Rough seas


Please be aware that all voyage itineraries can change without notice, since we are at the mercy of the weather and wind. A change in weather or operational reasons can mean we are unable to visit a port as planned or that time ashore is lengthened or shortened. 

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The whole project experience as part of a gap year option will also enhance any future CV and is likely to impress universities and future employers as well as provide you with a real sense of achievement. - Guardian Newspaper

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