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Information for Parents and Guardians


A TS Pelican youth adventure voyage is an experience that will engage and develop any young person. It is an activity for young people that has a track record of success in developing young men and women of character and ability.

A voyage on Pelican will enable them to discover hidden strengths and new skills as well as understanding the true value of teamwork.

Young people enjoy themselves on board, making new friends while enhancing a future CV or personal statement for university. They grow in confidence as they develop new social and practical skills while meeting new physical and emotional challenges.

Info for Parents


Young people are encouraged to raise their voyage fee through sponsorship and fundraising. Assistance and bursaries may be available from Adventure Under Sail on application. Our team will provide support and understanding from booking the voyage ­ to getting on board.

Health & Safety

At Adventure Under Sail we take health and safety very seriously. A sailing ship, like any vessel, can be a potentially hazardous environment, so we have safety measures in place that will cover every eventuality. We are governed by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA), an independent body who visit the ship several times a year to monitor standards.

Staying in touch

We encourage young people to branch out and enjoy the space to grow and develop on-board Pelican. For this reason we don't insist that they contact home regularly. They are allowed to have their personal mobile phones with them whilst on-board, however, there will be times when they are not permitted to use them (for example, when on watch or whilst climbing the rigging).

In addition to this, the ship has its own mobile phone at all times, the number for which is available to parents and guardians for emergencies. As with any mobile phone, when the ship is out at sea, the phone is often out of range. The ship maintains constant VHF radio contact with the shore though, so in the case of an extreme emergency at home you may always contact the ship via the coastguard.

Booking your child's voyage

Through experience in this field, we understand how difficult it can be sending your child away from home - be it for the first time or the fiftieth. Because of this we try to make the booking process as efficient and as informative as possible. There are essentially 5 main stages:

1. Enquiry stage - we do our best to be as informative as possible so that a young person (with the support of a parent/guardian) can find the right voyage for them, know what it entails and what to expect, and know how much money they need to raise.

2. Booking stage - we will send out booking forms to be completed and returned to us. These include personal details, passport information, next of kin details, medical history, dietary requirements, etc.

3. Fundraising stage - we will provide every young person with a Fundraising Pack, which is packed full of information and ideas on how they might work towards raising the money for their trip. We find that they gain a real sense of self-achievement from this process. British Nationals aged between 16 - 25 can also apply to Adventure Under Sail for a bursary towards the cost.

4. Preparation stage - this involves individually booking travel insurance for the voyage (which we are available to offer guidance on) and making sure that they have everything they need. We supply a Recommended Kit List. If the voyage is embarking or disembarking from outside of their home-town, they will also need to make travel arrangements.

5. Ready to go! - with all forms and payments received and all preparation done, we will be waiting to welcome you on-board!

We like to keep in touch with young people, and parents/guardians, to see how fundraising efforts and other preparations are going, and we're also on hand to answer any questions or queries that may arise along the way.

Crew Qualifications and Checks

Certified by the British Maritime & Coastguard Agency, Pelican is cleared for worldwide operation. Our permanent crew are qualified professional sailors. They all come from a sail training and educational background and have the experience to handle instances of potentially challenging behaviour.

The organisation is proud of its Safeguarding Policy and all staff, crew and volunteers undergo DBS Checks.

All aspects of our operation are covered by our Weymouth support office which has 24-hour satellite communications with the ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

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