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Information for Schools

Youth adventure voyages on board Adventure Under Sail's Tall Ship Pelican excite and engage, stretch and challenge. They also enable young people to develop new skills which will, for many, open doors for the future. It is not just an amazing trip or holiday but a developmental journey that starts long before a young person steps aboard the ship.

Teachers and parents tell us their pupils and children "came back as adults" or that "they learned the true meaning of teamwork" on board.

We are committed to making memories for a lifetime without placing a burden on busy teachers.

Working with schools


During a voyage a young person will find themselves outside their comfort zone. Learning becomes a powerful phase of their development as they overcome adversity, adapt to new environments, understand their strengths and weaknesses and manage problems successfully.

Awareness of the environment

Whilst participating on a voyage, a young person will become more aware of the natural environment - monitoring the weather, the sea and the life that lives within it. Whilst on land they will explore new cultures, giving the young person a greater sense of perspective of their own. Young people also learn respect for the environment and their peers, thus making a positive impact on their lives.

Why go on a Pelican voyage?

There are many reasons to choose a Pelican voyage over another adventure experience.

To begin with, an Adventure Under Sail experience is completely unique. Our expeditions and voyages offer a depth of learning, provide challenges and solutions. Our professional crew provide a safe, secure, but exciting and fun environment in which to begin their voyage of discovery.

Our Office team offer a high level of service and support  from the booking stage  to beyond the voyage experience .

In addition, the Pelican provides the ideal base from which to lead expeditions and start adventures.

In safe hands

Certified by the British Maritime & Coastguard Agency, Pelican is cleared for worldwide operation. Our permanent crew are qualified professional sailors. They all come from a sail training and educational background and have the experience to handle instances of potentially challenging behaviour.

The organisation is proud of its Safeguarding Policy and all staff, crew and volunteers undergo DBS Checks.

All aspects of our operation are covered by our Weymouth support office which has 24-hour satellite communications with the ship.

Working with schools 1

Supporting teachers

With Adventure Under Sail there are none of the school trip headaches. We will liaise with the parents, collate all monies and conduct the necessary risk assessments on your behalf. All we need is a list of who from your school or organisation wishes to attend and how to contact them. We will not drain school resources - including the valuable time of teachers - once introductions to your school have been made between you and our school support co-ordinator.

On our school-organised trips we ask that at least one teacher per 12 young people participates in the voyage. Therefore a full voyage of 28 would be made up of 26 young people and at least two members of school staff.

5 Easy Stages

Launching your voyage with Pelican could not be simpler:

One -­ Enquire

Call us for a chat and we can always arrange a school visit.

Two -­ Reserve

We will hold your berths and transfer arrangements while approval is sought from the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). We can also help with supporting documents.

Three -­ Engage

We will send you an information pack to present the opportunity to the students in an assembly or attend your school to deliver an assembly on your behalf.

Four -­ Consent

We will visit school to deliver a presentation to parents and answer any questions.

Five -­ Confirmation

Applications and deposits received. We will confirm final numbers and issue log-ins to the “my voyage” web portal. The Pelican voyage starts here!

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