Learning Outcomes

A voyage on Pelican is so much more than a sailing holiday and sets out to achieve the following key aims:

  • To prepare the young people for adulthood by opening their eyes to the real world and giving them the attitude and ability to embrace it and enjoy the new opportunities that this experience will provide.
  • To facilitate valuable skills development to improve social and personal grounding as well as promoting mutual respect.

But for us it's not enough for us to claim to provide learning outcomes, we want to prove it. For this reason we ask training assessors from independent organisations to join us for voyages and identify the outcomes achieved by young people during a trip with us. These include: 

Leadership, time management, self-confidence, delegation of tasks, asking questions, encouraging and helping one another, teamwork, communication, personal hygiene, motivation, self-discipline, consideration for others, focus on a task, cleaning, catering and hospitality skills, responsibility, sharing learned skills, adapting to a new environment and new people, building friendships, reflection, using initiative, problem solving, independence and sharing facilities.

The Young Person’s Pelican Experience

Whilst on board, our trainees aged 15 - 25 years are often asked to complete and submit daily self-assessment forms. This enables us to monitor their outcomes and gather information both quantitatively and qualitatively on their progress on board.

Many young people continue to remain involved in the ship and the project as volunteers and - through the friends of Pelican network - continue the special friendships they have made.

Pelican Voyages And The National Curriculum

The experience on our voyages for young people covers all eight Cross Curriculum Dimensions of the National Curriculum, the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills Framework as well as Learning Outside The Classroom. We encourage successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors ton board.

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