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Life On Board

We look forward to welcoming you on board

Pelican's adventures are about fun, challenge and friendships. TS Pelican is family-sized - small enough to make you feel instantly involved but large enough to really challenge you. You will quickly get to know everyone on board as Pelican's open deck is conducive to team work, life-long learning and socialising.

High supervision ratio

Pelican operates with seven permanent crew and has an above-average ratio of professional crew to voyage crew. This means that everyone is well supported. Whether you're at school, college, university, in need of a break from work or just simply enjoying your retirement.


Pelican provides flexible accommodation. Youth groups are accommodated in single-sex 4-berth cabins. Tailor-made accommodation is available for couples, adults and families, and there is the potential for converting some bunks into double-beds. We can accommodate 11 permanent and volunteer crew and 28 voyage crew (you!).  Voyage crew accommodation consists of seven comfortable and well proportioned four-berth cabins, some with en suite facilities. In addition there are separate showers and toilets. Let us know your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.  However this depends on how many other trainee crew we need to accommodate

Meals are taken in the mess room next to the galley and a saloon is provided for fun and relaxation.

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