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Responsible Travel Policy


We aim to make our environmental impact as small as possible. As a UK sailing vessel we adhere strictly to the rules set out by MARPOL regarding the disposal of waste, emissions from the ship, and use of chemicals. Our ship is stocked for cleaning materials by Evans Vanodine, which supplies us with products with the least harmless ingredients. On board we operate a ‘green’ ship. This includes a sewage treatment plant, which treats all sewage on board and pumps only clean water back into the ocean. We also have a reverse-osmosis plant which desalinates sea water to make fresh drinking water.

As sailing vessel, we spend as much time as possible travelling under the power of the wind ­ a sustainable and renewable resource. On the occasions that we do need to use the auxiliary engine, this is fuelled by ultra-low sulphur marine gas oil ­ an oil with lower emissions that standard marine gas oil or red diesel.

Due to our green credentials, we are able to visit areas that are environmentally sensitive.  We use this to visit areas where we can take part in voluntary marine conservation work, such as in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, in the office we have a recycling scheme for all paper, card, bottles, ink cartridges, etc. We use energy-saving light bulbs and do our best to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Privacy Statement

Adventure Under Sail Privacy Policy...In Brief

·         Adventure under Sail is committed to protecting your privacy.

·         Adventure under Sail has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy.

·         Please contact us if you would like further information on how we gather and dissimulate data for our website.

·         Adventure Under Sail does not disclose visitors' information to third parties.

·         Any information that you provide us with, whether it be business or personal information (such as your name or address), cannot be seen by third parties.

·         The information we keep is stored on our own computer systems, not on a website.

·         This site may at times contain links to other, third party websites;  Adventure Under Sail is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

·         This privacy statement is not presented as a legally binding contract.

More Detail...

What Information Do We Collect Or Use?

There are sections in our website where we may ask you to register in order to gain access to high value documents, or to be able to download various items, or to make contact with Adventure Under Sail. Any information you provide will remain the secured property of Adventure Under Sail. Under no circumstances will it be sold or rented to any third party. Adventure Under Sail may, however, use your contact information to send you any information you have specifically requested or any other information or news about our company and services. Your details maybe used in an aggregated form for marketing analysis of our website traffic.

In addition to any personal information you may provide, Adventure Under Sail may, on occasion use software or other tools that enable the collection of relevant technical information, for example the IP address (Internet protocol) (IP), the operating system deployed on your computer, the browser used for access, various traffic patterns, as well as the address of any referring websites. Adventure Under Sail always traces how a visitor arrives at the Adventure Under Sail website, however it is not possible to and we will not attempt to gather information about other sites that have been visited prior to landing at www.adventureundersail.com.

How We May Use Your Personal Information?

Adventure under Sail may use your personal information for the following purposes:

·         to enable you to use the site without repeatedly entering passwords or logins

·         to provide information or services that you have requested

·         to help us manage our content to ensure it is relevant and appropriate to you

·         to alert you to company news, product upgrades, other updated information and new products and services from Adventure Under Sail.

What About Links On Your Site?

·         Adventure Under Sail may, periodically, provide links on our site that direct you to external, third party websites.

·         We have no control over the content of other sites, nor the usage of information they gather.

·         We recommend that you always review the privacy policies at any third party sites you visit; they may not follow the same policies as us.


·         Opting Out

Our site provides users the opportunity to opt out of receiving communications from us and our partners at the point where we request information about the visitor.


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