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School Voyages. 

These voyages are aimed at groups of students from schools, sixth forms, colleges, universities, youth groups and the like. 

Each year, Adventure Under Sail holds a number of short voyages aimed at students. These operate out of Weymouth, Dorset, and typically last around 4 nights. 

The ship generally sails out of Weymouth and along the South coast of England - wherever the wind may take her! She will return to Weymouth Harbour at the end of the voyage. Our aim is to make these voyages exciting, educational and inspiring. 

TS Pelican is a sail training vessel, which means our crew and volunteers are trained and experienced in working with young people and encouraging them to develop their sailing skills. We also find that sail training is a wonderful platform for interpersonal development too, with young people leaving the ship more confident, disciplined and focused. 

Students are encouraged to get involved with the sailing of the ship, giving them the opportunity of a real hands-on sailing experience. This can include taking the helm to steer, pulling on ropes, climbing the rigging to release and operate the sails, as well as more domestic duties such as assisting the cook. Teachers and other youth workers are very welcome to join a voyage, though usually no chaperone is necessary. 

Students, parents and teachers are encouraged to visit the ship to have a look around and speak with staff and crew about what our voyages entail. 

  • If your school would like to be involved in one of our Youth Voyages, please contact the office on +44(0)1305 858274 for information about getting your group on board, or click the link below. 


Please be aware that all voyage itineraries can change without notice, since we are at the mercy of the weather and wind. A change in weather or operational reasons can mean we are unable to visit a port as planned or that time ashore is lengthened or shortened. 

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