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TS Pelican Living Legacy

The Pelican offers a unique opportunity to young people and adults alike. A voyage on the Pelican is a life-enhancing experience, a chance to experience something exceptional. It’s not just learning to sail or training to be a seafarer. It’s about  learning to enjoy the simple pleasure of living and learning in the company of like-minded shipmates.

Whether you are 15 or 80 you can be an active member of the crew - steering the ship, navigating, climbing the rigging and setting the sails.

Share The Dream Now

Including a legacy in your will is a priceless gift and no matter how large or small, you can make a real difference. By sharing it now, rather than after you have passed away, you can join in the experience with your younger relatives. Discover their dreams, aspirations and ambitions with them and live the moment  together now.

If you're considering leaving a legacy to Adventure Under Sail Ltd, you can rest assured that it will be used to benefit your young relatives and provide them with a gift of a lifetime:

  • £500 could pay for half a voyage fee for a 10-day voyage on Pelican.
  • £750 would provide three young people with a bursary of £250 towards a life-changing experience.
  • £1,000 would pay for a full bursary for a deserving young person with the opportunity to change their life forever.
  • £3,000 covers the operational costs for a full day of Pelican's operation. It would provide six young people with a bursary of £500 pounds toward the cost of their voyage.
  • £6,500 would pay for a new sail for the ship.
  • £10,000 enables a deserving young person to participate in a three-month life-changing adventure.
  • £30,000 would fund a 10-day voyage for 28 young people.

Can I Leave A Legacy Whilst I Am Still Alive?

Please seek the advice of your solicitor or legal adviser.

How Do I Leave A Legacy To Adventure Under Sail Ltd

Leaving a legacy is fairly straightforward and can be done in consultation with your solicitor, either when you make your will or by adding to your existing document.

Who Should Write My Will?

It's best to consult a solicitor to make sure your will is legally correct.

What Information Should I Include When Leaving A Gift To Adventure Under Sail In My Will?

Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the wording for leaving a gift in your will. You will also need to include AUS’s registered information:

Official name: Adventure Under Sail Ltd

Registered office: 19 Lawrence St, London, SW3 5NF

Registered charity information: Registered Charity No, 1124276 

Contact Us For More Information

Supporting Our Youth Projects

Adventure Under Sail, owner of the TS Pelican and the charity which supports the funding of the young people who voyage on board the Pelican, is a not-for-profit organisations. 

As such, AUS relies on support and funding in order to keep youth voyages within the financial range of the fundraising efforts of young people. Revenues are also generated by events and corporate sponsorship.

Adventure Under Sail as a charity provides Voyage Crew Bursaries for Young People which are used to top up the the voyage fee for a young person.

Without the bursary, the cost of the voyage would be beyond the reach of most young people. Find out more about providing a voyage crew bursary.

Invest today - change lives forever

Sponsorship allows us to guarantee the safe manning, upkeep and high standards of the TS Pelican to benefit as many young people as possible. 

By sponsoring a whole voyage or becoming our programme sponsor, a company or organisation is providing an opportunity for young people who often feel vulnerable and forgotten - inspiring them to better their own and ultimately all our futures.

For more information about corporate sponsorship packages please contact the Education, Training and Marketing Department at our Weymouth Office.

Without our sponsors we could not undertake the valuable work we do.

Could your business consider using us for your next team building activity or event or consider sponsoring a voyage?

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

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