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Below are some testimonials from people who have sailed with us.



"I had a fun time on board TS Pelican.  The staff were friendly and I really liked talking to the one who was half french because I used to live in France and I can speak French myself.  My room mate's snoring kept me awake every night so I had to hit him with a pillow more times than I can count.  The food was really good especially the burger pie that was made for me because I don't eat chicken.  The best thing I did was climbing the mast right the way to the top which was about a hundred feet while the boat was going along.  It was swaying like drunken jelly.  I got on with almost everybody and I didn't mind being the youngest.  What the trip taught me is that the ship is very difficult to tack!  I really liked the TS Pelican and I would love to do another voyage on it some time if I can.  My mum says it will look good on my CV if I apply to university or if I apply for a job when I've finished school and I think she's right.  It's something not everybody will have and will make me stand out from the crowd.  Thanks for a really good voyage.".

-Jake is now taking his GCSEs and we wish him the best of luck.

Jake (male) age 16.

24 - 29 April 2017 Youth Voyage



"I really enjoyed my time on the TS Pelican. I think I have participated as well as I could. I've learnt a lot about many different things on the ship, for example, setting different kind of sails, splicing and tying knots. I have also concurred some fears like climbing the royal. I've made a lot of new friends aboard and the whole crew are amazing, especially because they have been so inclusive and made me fell like part of their team. I've enjoyed it so much I've asked if I can be a volunteer in the future. This voyage has been an experience of a lifetime and has inspired me to want to sail as much as possible in the future.

I would highly recommend a voyage on the TS Pelican to everybody thank you for the experience".

-Shortly after Dan joined the ship and stayed on board for a week to assist the crew on further voyage and is now looking to further his career in the maritime industry.

Dan (male) age 23.

24 - 29 April 2017 Youth Voyage

"When I boarded the Tall Ship Pelican, I didn’t know anybody. But soon everyone was friends, and I’ve made friendships that will last forever. I did things I had only dreamt of doing, but never thought I’d actually achieve. I learnt so much about the ship and being on board and also about myself. You couldn’t replicate the experience if you tried."

RC (female) age 16.

"Sailing on TS Pelican is an experience like no other.  Lifelong friends are made in the space of a few days.  Ideas and expectations of yourself are exceeded.  Teamwork and co-operation are not just "buzz-words" thrown around a classroom and office.  Sailing a tall ship is a very real experience of teamwork in action - try taking in sails in the dark without some help! The smallest things make life long memories; eating chocolate at 5am, getting a cup of tea when you're being soaked on the helm, your first climb, every climb after that, happy hour (who knew cleaning could be fun?), brassoing, and deck scrub day! As a volunteer watch leader, for me, nothing beats the feeling of guiding someone on their first climb up the mast or out onto the yard to stow a sail."

RO (female) age 28.

'Since I first stepped aboard T.S Pelican 5 years ago I have had the chance to cross oceans and explore the most incredible places, all the while sharing these experiences with people from all over the world who have become my closest friends. The crew become like family, and the ship like a second home! Sailing on T.S Pelican has given me the confidence and self belief to do so many other things, leading me to take a volunteering position onboard and share my experience and love for Tall Ship sailing with others. During my time aboard T.S Pelican I have learnt more about myself, about others, and about the world we live in than I could in any classroom and I can’t wait to get back onboard!'

TM (female) age 17-22.

"Sailing on the Pelican changed my life - I did things I never thought I'd do, went places I had only dreamed about and made lasting friendships with people all over the world. It really is the best thing that ever happened to me"

SF (female) age 26.

"Taking part in the 2013 Tall Ships races was one of the greatest experiences in my life. straight away, you're taught how to work as a proper member of the Crew, with the opportunity to have a go at every aspect of sailing the ship. You'll feel right at home on the Pelican, and leave with amazing memories to share with friends and family for years to come!"

CG (female) age 18.

"Four years ago I joined Pelican for a week. Seven months later I was sad to leave. This is now the 4th tall ship I have worked on and the atmosphere is by far the best. All trainees learn skills that they will have for life, not just how to sail - like how to make a bed and peel a potato. It changed my life for the better, will it change yours?"

YQ (female) age 20.

"Please thank all concerned for a lovely day sail from Falmouth on Saturday... it was entertaining and fun. What a great crew!"

K&G B (day sail).

"To the captain and crew of The Pelican, I am writing on behalf of everyone at Charterhouse Auctioneers, Sherborne. We just wanted to say a massive thank you for our day out sailing on Saturday 16th May, we all had an awesome time! 

As you know, it was J's birthday and he treated us all to the trip, it was such fun and a happy day and I know it was really special for him in particular, he had a great time and I don’t think I saw him without a smile on his face all day! Thanks for making such a special day for a lovely person

Best wishes to you all and for all future voyages,

Anna and everyone at Charterhouse.

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