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Become A Volunteer

Projects such as the TS Pelican need both financial support and volunteers.

Volunteers help to promote the organisation and its activities, as well as maintaining and crewing the ship. Pelican has a dedicated team of volunteers who assist in all aspects of the ship's operation.

An Essential Part Of The Team

Volunteers are an essential part of the TS Pelican team - without their support and dedication we would be unable to continue providing these opportunities to young people. Volunteers help to find crew, raise funds, man the ship and maintain it.

On any given day, the tour guides, the carpenters, the fundraisers, the riggers, the painters, deckhands/ Watch Leaders and many, many more - are all likely to be volunteers.

Get On Board

TS Pelican wants to encourage people with or without sailing or seamanship skills to join in the activities of the ship. The Pelican will support all volunteers and provide a safe and challenging environment for them in which to work and learn about all the interesting and satisfying aspects of the ship.


With the support of experienced staff, volunteers can be trained and mentored in any of the ship's activities and functions. With the help of our volunteers, the Pelican project will flourish for the benefit of future generations.

There are opportunities in ship's operations, restoration, maintenance and customer care, all on Britain's friendliest and most unique tall ship.

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