Those taking part will build the following skills and benefits:

  • Self confidence

  • Teamwork

  • Respect for themselves and others

  • Problem solving

  • Leadership & communication

  • Social and life skills

  • Practical sailing, seamanship and navigation skills and the opportunity to practice them

  • An appreciation of the world they consume and live within

  • A better understanding of the ocean and what lies within



In an alternative learning environment you will learn: 

  • Steering & helmsmanship

  • Climbing the mast & rigging

  • Setting the sails

  • Keeping navigation watch

  • Engineering

  • Maintenance 

  • Domestic duties such as cooking & cleaning 

  • Ocean science research

  • Oceanography study

  • considering the impact of climate change

If you are interested in joining our sail training programme, look on the information tab whether you are:

Aims and Mission

To provide real life experiences and an alternative form of education for all young people. Encouraging equality, inclusivity and passion through adventure and challenge. Promoting personal growth, creating awareness about diverse career options and bringing environmental conservation into the forethought of all that we do.

  • Life skills: To inspire and enable young people to develop through sail training. Increase self-belief, skills and expertise to overcome personal or social barriers. Allowing them all to lead fulfilling lives and opening pathways to quality employment.

  • Blue Planet: Finding solutions to climate change and pollution through education and scientifically accurate research. Increasing awareness and providing a platform for universities and marine associations for environmentally beneficial studies.

  • Economic growth: To increase tourism and support local SME’s (Small and Medium size Enterprises). This will help create more local jobs for our young people. As well as creating more funding options to ensure people from all backgrounds can have access to our programmes.

  • Quality employment: Supplying maritime industry careers guidance to increase awareness of all career options. To increase numbers of young people interested in working in the maritime sector and reduce unemployment rates in 16 to 24 year olds.

To achieve these aims, and follow the collaborative mission created with our young people we have designed the programme Sea The Future. This programme is designed to enable us, our young people and our collaborators to strive to be industry leaders in sail training, ocean science and maritime careers.


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