Each winter, The Pelican of London heads off on a Trans Atlantic adventure as a sailing classroom with an exchange programme of up to 35 students with our partner Ocean College

School on a ship – an adventurous, exciting alternative to traditional lessons in an old dusty school building. This idea is what led to the creation of Ocean College www.oceancollege.eu which turns a traditional sailing ship into a travelling classroom for high school students and gap years!

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Sailing classroom – More than sailing or just a school trip

What exactly does school in a sailing classroom translate to? Ocean College is seen as a semester abroad, simply transferred to the sea! Our course content meets high learning standards and is taught while on board. The project is more than just a class trip, it provides professional coaching, and nautical training, on top of the traditional school education. Students will be divided into classes of up to ten people – while one class is below deck learning mathematics or geography, another group is on deck engaged in ship-related activities. Duties are exchanged regularly, so that all students are given equal opportunity to experience watch, ship cleaning, cooking and, of course, school content.

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