The Pelican training programme is based on the study material provided in the Merchant Shipping Notice (MSN) 1862 (M) 

Seafarer Training and Certification Guidance : UK Requirements for Deck Ratings. 

  1. Health and Safety on-board 

    - Familisation check list

    - Man overboard 

  - Fire fighting at sea - basic fire fighting 

  2. Teamwork and communication on-board 

    - Communication process, characteristics of useful information 

  3. Life skills development on-board 

    - Video: 7 essential life skills 

  4. Shipboard project 

    - Preparation of a passage plan 

  5. Steering the ship 

    - Comply with helm orders in the English language

    - Keeping proper lookout and lookout duties 

    - Contribute to monitoring and controlling a safe watch  


  6.  Life saving and fire fighting equipment

     - Understand the importance of musters and drills 

     - Demonstrate a knowledge of assigned ship board emergency duties 

     - Demonstrate the ability to distinguish between the various alarm signals 

     - Familiarity with type, use and location of fire fighting appliances  

     - The importance and operation of fire doors and fire dampers and closure 

     - Familiarity with type, use and location of life saving appliances and lifesaving equipment 

  7.  Seamanship

    - Demonstrate common knots, bends and hitches 

    - Handling of mooring ropes and wires 

    - Care, use and storage of ropes and wires 

    - Safe operation of mooring winches, windlass and capstan 

    - Rigging pilot ladder, gangways and accommodation ladders 

    - Rigging of hydro static releases

    - Securing the deck for heavy weather 

    - Opening and closing of hatches and water-tight doors 

    - Securing of anchors for sea 

  8. Code of safe working practices 

  At the end of your voyage, you can take away your completed workbook. 

  Access to e-copies of the following:- 

  1.  Code of Safe Working Practices 

  2.  MSN 1862 (M) 

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