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Sea The Future - Maritime Careers

We have recognised three career based weaknesses in the UK on which we are focusing:

•   The 40% lack of STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

•   The unemployment rate of 11.4% in young people compared to 3.8% in the whole population

•   The lack of quality new trainees entering the maritime industry

Pelican of London is the perfect alternative learning platform to re-engage those young people disengaged from formal education. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are all essential for sailing and navigating the ship. Learning through the practical, informal, seafaring application of STEM, allows people to learn in a natural, exciting and inspiring way. This breaks down barriers to learning and enables young people to develop their interest in these subjects, in a way that can be applied to real life scenarios. This endeavor aims to raise the aspirations and attainment of all young people, especially those that are either less academic or from disadvantaged backgrounds and are therefore underrepresented in universities.    

Many of our young people live in areas that suffer from higher 16-24 year old unemployment rates than average., whilst many sectors of the maritime industry are struggling to find new trainees or apprentices. Therefore, we plan to supply not only STEM skills, but also increase awareness of career options in the maritime industry, developing young people with limited opportunity into a field in which they can succeed and prosper. 

Working with local employers we will recommend suitable candidates, selected during their time onboard. We can also supply further work experience and sea-time onboard Pelican. This will benefit our young people by creating career development pathways and employers by supplying enthusiastic new blood into the industry. For some SME’s the cost of employing unqualified young people makes apprenticeship schemes financially unviable. Furthermore, with support from the Maritime Education Foundation, we plan to offer financial support for SME’s in the first year of each apprenticeship.