Pelican can accommodate a total of 39 persons at any one time in a combination of single and twin cabins for use by permanent crew, and four-berth cabins for use by trainees. Accommodation is allocated by the watch-bill. 



All living spaces are temperature controlled.  Above the main deck, there are individual

air-conditioning units. Health and hygiene is much improved by six changes of fresh air every hour. 



Cabins are separated by steel bulkheads, sound and fire proofed, and lined in timber, all cabins have a porthole. Access is by lockable 60 mm thick teak doors. Smoke and flame detectors in each one are connected to a central audio-visual

alarm system.




The spacious Mess Room can seat up to 22 and is served by the adjacent Galley. When there is a full crew on-board, there are two sittings for each meal. During morning and afternoon sessions the mess makes an ideal classroom with separate tables for chart work. 



When you are not on watch, rest and relax in 'Pelican Roost' the ship's Saloon area, which includes a bar area, a small library of books, DVD's and television. A games console and a small selection of games appealing to young people is also available. 



A small but well appointed Galley, lined with stainless steel for easy cleaning, boasts a large 4 burner range cooker, with a generous sized combi-oven for steaming and baking. The addition of two fridges and one freezer makes for convenience when preparing up to three hot meals a day for a full crew. 


Accommodation consists of seven x four-berth cabins, most of which include an en-suite bathroom with half-bath, shower and vacuum toilet. Each cabin has a port-hole, and a window in the main lockable door. 


Master, Chief Mate and Second Mate have cabins in the vicinity of the bridge. On the lower deck Engineer, Cook, Bosun and Bosun's mate each have private accommodation. 




The ship's main engine is a John Deere 6090 SFM85 load tested before installation in 2016. It delivers 325HP. M1 duty rating unrestricted hours per year at uninterrupted full power. 

Two diesel generators, a turbo driven G&M Sierra 63 and a G&M 48. 


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