It might be tough, lack of sleep, taking part in the watch-system, pulling ropes, taking the helm, climbing the mast(s) - but you can be sure when leaving the Pelican at your final port of call you will feel like a sailor, or rather you will BE a sailor - go for it!

— Tim, June 2 2017

Sailing at night with bio-luminescence marking our track, more stars than I'd ever seen before, and the sound of whales (or maybe dolphins) breaching somewhere in the darkness around us is an experience that will never leave me. Nor will climbing to the top of the masts, the end of the bowsprit, and the depths of the bilges ever feel less than a home from home to me.

— Sara, May 18 2016

Amazing vessel, amazing people, they give me such great opportunities and I am very thankful!

Starting my Naval engineer training in February 2018! 

— Jacob, January 2018

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